There is NO happy endings done in Massage Therapy!!!!! 

Highly Recommended and very popular is the 30 minute massages. It is the most pocket friendly and if you would just like time spent on a certain area EXAMPLE: Neck, Back and Shoulders.

Relaxing Massage (30-60-90-120) minutes                     Prices (35-60-90-120) Dollars

A light to medium pressure massage focused on comfort to the client. Main focus is to improve circulation and provide stress relief to the client.

Deep Tissue Massage (30-60-90-120) minutes             Prices (40-70-100-130) Dollars

A massage that targets problem areas where you have a lot of tension. Most common are in the neck, back and shoulders. Different massage techniques are used to loosen the muscles and stretch them out to give the body relief.

Hot Stone Massage (30-60-90-120) minutes                 Prices (45-75-105-135) Dollars

Great for joints. The stones penetrate heat deep into the joints giving circulation and relieving aches and pains. Hot Stone is also just a very relaxing massage to get. The stones improve circulation and pump blood to the muscles. The heat relaxes the tight muscles as well.

Prenatal Massage (30-60) minutes                                          Prices (40-65) Dollars

Every mommy deserves to get pampered as well. Prenatal Massages focus on comfort and safety first for mommy. We offer 30 minutes which allows focus spent on just the neck, back, shoulders and hips to help relieve the tension and tightness. Also available is the hour massage where mommy can get a full body massage to relieve aches and pains and stimulate relaxation for the whole body.

Couples Massages (30-60-90-120) minutes                Prices (70-120-180-240) Dollars

A great way for you and your loved one to be together and experience the Natural Therapy!!!!!!! Very relaxing and a perfect way to get peace and quiet time!!!!!!!

Cupping Massage                              (Add on to Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage)  Price (10 Dollars)

The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure). Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines and even cellulite.

Craniosacral Therapy                                     Price $60 for an hour, $90 for 90 a Minute Session

  • You will be fully clothed for these sessions, comfortable athletic wear is recommended.
  • You will be laying comfortably on your back for most of the session.
  • I will use a light subtle touch and may be led to different parts of your body including feet, sacrum, and head.
  • Patient comfort is most important. To achieve this I encourage open communication. Feel free to ask questions or share what you are experiencing throughout the session.
  • Common sensations experienced are deep relaxation, meditative state, experience memories, softening, floating and heat.
  • It is beneficial for the patient to remain present, aware, and relaxed in their body throughout the treatment.

Craniosacral is good therapy for:

  1. Balancing the nervous system
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Autism
  4. Mental Health ie: anxiety, depression, anger
  6. TMJ
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8. Stress Relief
  9. Preventative

Cancellation/No Show/Rescheduling Policy (within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment)

If a client Cancels, No-Shows or Reschedules 2 times back to back with their appointment we are going to Require you to pay the FULL amount of your future scheduled appointment in order to keep the time/date you are wanting to come in. This is a non refundable payment.